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Taren Castro is here to help her clients lay a strong foundation for their future – by providing sound guidance in estate planning, as well as defending her clients against criminal charges that could derail their plans.

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Estate Planning And Probate Guidance, Tailored To Your Needs

It’s never too early to make a plan for your loved ones’ future, and that includes thinking about what should happen to your assets after you are gone. A little bit of thought and planning today can save your friends and family a lot of hassle when the time comes, by creating clear, detailed documents and trusts to help your heirs receive their inheritance quickly and efficiently.

Attorney Taren Castro can walk you through the estate planning process from start to finish. She will help you consider exactly what you want to include in your estate plan, and then she will help you create the detailed legal documents to ensure that your plans are carried out when the time comes. In addition to recording your wishes in a will, she can also help you create various types of trust in order to set aside funds for specific purposes and with specific restrictions tailored to your preferences.

Alongside her estate planning services, Ms. Castro offers assistance in navigating the probate process for those who have recently lost a loved one. She will help you obtain the assets to which you are entitled in a timely manner. You may also need a Florida probate lawyer if you are handling your parents’ Florida estate and you live in another state or another country.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Services For Misdemeanors And Felonies

Criminal charges have the potential to derail your life. From the immediate risk of steep fines and prison time to long-term concerns such as reputational damage that can limit your ability to find employment and housing, it’s important to face any criminal charge with a strong, strategic defense.

Attorney Taren Castro is a former Florida State Trooper, so she understands how the justice system works out in the world as well as in the courtroom. She uses her experience as a law enforcement officer to analyze the evidence that officers have used in arrest records and to anticipate legal strategies that prosecutors may use.

The Castro Law Firm, PLLC will help you navigate the criminal justice system and minimize the impact of criminal charges on your life. When the facts of the case allow, Ms. Castro will push to have the charges against you dropped or reduced; and in the event of conviction, she will push for the lightest possible sentence. In every case, her goal is to help her clients return to the normal rhythms of their lives as quickly as possible.

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“Good afternoon Taren. You have undoubtedly restored my faith in mankind. And my opinion of attorneys as a whole. I know you had a mess to clean up from our previous attorney and we certainly do appreciate everything you did. Thank you for being who you are, you make a difference.”

“Thank you Taren, your most excellent service is very much appreciated. I like working with you.”

“Good afternoon Taren. I sincerely appreciate all your professionalism along the way. I know we could not have gotten this far without your valuable input and compassion. I am very thankful for your part in helping to bring justice in this matter.”

“Hi Taren. I really appreciate all your hard work. I know you have gone above and beyond. Please know that I appreciate every bit of energy you have poured into this case, we couldn’t have gotten this far without your instinct and commitment.” 

Meet Taren L. Castro, Esq.

Attorney Taren Castro is a former Florida State Trooper, Assistant State Attorney and Assistant Attorney General. Taren has a diverse background on how both the criminal and civil legal systems function. Whether you need assistance with a criminal or probate case attorney Castro can assist you. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Taren L. Castro

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