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Does your new business need a license in Florida?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Business Law

You’ve always dreamed of being a business owner, and that dream is finally coming true. You’ve come up with a business plan, identified your target audience, secured financing for your company and much more. You believe that you are ready to launch your new business in Florida, but you also want to make sure that you don’t miss any important steps.

For example, does your business need to have any sort of specific license? Could you face a forced closure or other such ramifications if you don’t have the correct license? It’s quite important to take all of the proper steps before you begin operating.

Only certain industries need licenses

As a general rule, Florida doesn’t require that every business has a license. Just to become a business owner, you do not have to go to the government and be given permission, along with a license stating that you are an authorized business owner. Everyone has the right to start a business if they see fit.

However, there are certain industries where licenses are still required. Examples include:

  • Private investors 
  • Real estate brokers 
  • Architects and engineers 
  • Interior designers 
  • Medical professionals like doctors and nurses 
  • Legal professionals, such as lawyers and attorneys 
  • Certified public accountants 
  • General contractors and builders 
  • Cosmetologists and barbers

There are also some industries where specific licenses are required. For instance, if you’re opening a bar or restaurant, you need to have the right liquor license. If you’re a professional driver, you need to have a CDL – a commercial driver’s license.

It can be difficult to sort through all of the details and the red tape. Just make sure you know what legal steps to take as you set up your new business.